700kg Wheel Skid Steer Loader With Imported Parts
700kg Wheel Skid Steer Loader With Imported Parts
700kg Wheel Skid Steer Loader With Imported Parts
700kg Wheel Skid Steer Loader With Imported Parts

700kg Wheel Skid Steer Loader With Imported Parts

The 700kg Wheel Skid Steer Loader equipped with the same hydraulic quick-change couplings as the BOBCAT, features with manual operation, open cabin, simple structure, easy maintenance, high cost performance. Adopts mechanical leveling system; mechanical pull rod system. It is mainly used in situations where the work site is small, the ground is undulating and the work content changes frequently.


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Wheel skid steer loader

700kg skid steer loader characteristics

The 700kg wheel skid steer loader - specially designed to deliver exceptional performance with its advanced features, unmatched reliability and cost-effective pricing. This versatile loader is perfect for a wide range of tasks including construction, agriculture, landscaping, and more.


The hydraulic quick-change couplings are the same as the BOBCAT and are suitable for our skid steer attachments as well as foreign attachments. And manual operation capability makes the skidsteers ideal for small-scale operations, limited spaces, and entry-level operators. This machine has uncomplicated mechanical controls that make it easy to operate and is exceptionally user-friendly.

With an open cabin design, the operator has a clear view of all surrounding areas, allowing for greater maneuverability and control. The mechanical leveling and pull rod system make this loader an efficient and reliable machine capable of accomplishing a multitude of tasks. The lever and rocker arm are arranged above the working arm. Keep the shovel in the process of lifting and lowering the machine arm bucket balance.


The simple structure of this loader allows for easy maintenance and quick access to all of the key components. The machine benefits greatly from a cost-effective price point, making it an attractive option for those seeking a reliable and durable loader at an affordable price.


LTMG 700kg wheel skid steer loader with imported parts is a versatile and cost-effective option for anyone seeking a reliable and easy-to-use machine. From small-scale construction projects to agriculture and landscaping ventures, this loader has the features and performance to get the job done efficiently and effectively.


700kg skid steer loader Product Parameters

Model LT45
perating load (kg) 700
Max Speed (km/h) 12
Rated flux (Lmin) 62.5
Tire (track)model 10-16.5
Engin Xinchai
Engin power 37kw
Rated power (Kw) 37
Fuel tank capacity (L) 70
Dead weight(kg) 3000
Self weight buckat(kg) 2700
Bucket capacity (m3) 0.4
Overall operating height (mm) 3980
Height to top of cab (mm) 2140
Without bucket length (mm) 2640
Overall length with bucket(mm) 3420
Dumping height(mm) 2380
width(mm) 1720
Bucket width (mm) 1740
Height to bottom of level bucket(mm) 2913
Dumping angle at maximum height(" ) 40
Height to bucket hinge pin (mm) 3080
Dumping reach(mm) 700
Rollback o bucket on ground(R) 30
Rollback of bucket at full height(R) 104
wheelbase(mm) 991
Ground clearance(mm) 185
Angle of departure(°) 20
Front turning radius without bucket(mm) 1168
Front tuning radius(mm) 1958
Rear tuning radius(mm) 1728
Rear axle to bumper (mm) 1208
Tread width (mm) 1500

With technological innovation, our product configuration and parameters will continue to change without notice

If there is any doubt, the specific confirmation of our international trade sales shall prevail


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Wheel Skid Steer Loader Attachments & Applications

 The wheeled skid steer is perfect for light to medium-duty tasks where performance and agility are paramount. Whether you are loading, transporting, digging, shoveling or levelling, this machine will handle it all effortlessly.

Wheeled skid steer attachments applications


FAQ about 700kg Wheel Skid Steer Loader


1.Why choose us?

LTMG Machinery Group has been operating in the skid steer loader industry for more than 15 years, LTMG has rich experience in manufacturing, sales and after sales service of skid steer loaders.


2.What certificates do we have?

All skid steer loaders meet the requirements of ISO9001 quality system and have obtained CE certificate. We can also cooperate with our customers to get the unique certificate of their countries.


3.Can we provide OEM service?

LTMG industrial can provide customized skid steer loader according to customers' requirements,both OEM and ODM are acceptable.


4.How long is the warranty?

The warranty for LTMG skid steer loaders is 1 year or 2000 working hours, whichever comes first.


5.What is our delivery time?

It usually takes 15 to 30 days after receiving your deposit. Regarding standard products, we

always have in stock for immediate delivery. However, custom products will take more time depending on your order requirements.

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700kg Wheel Skid Steer Loader With Imported Parts
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5 ton front end loader with Cummins engine
LTMG's 5 ton front end loader has the low vibration suspending seat is designed specially for the operator that improve the human feeling. 5 ton front end loader can match quick hitch for special needs such as the log grapple, block fork, snow blade, grass fork,enlarged bucket and teeth etc.
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Brand New 500kg Skid Steer Front Loader
 As a compact and versatile machine,500kg skid steer front loader LT35 with excellent maneuverability and lifting capacity. Ideal for a range of applications including construction, landscaping, agriculture and more.
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The 1500KG track skid steer loader is a compactly designed machine that is suitable for working in narrow spaces. It features dual throttle controls, an automatic leveling system, and hydraulic brakes.
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All Wheel Steer Skid Loader with 1100kg Load Capacity
All Wheel Steer Skid Loader is a versatile construction machinery primarily used for digging, loading, and transporting loose materials. It is suitable for various locations, including urban infrastructure, roads or construction sites, factory workshops, warehouses, docks, ship decks, and even ship cabins.
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Mini 300 kg Track Skid Steer Loader with Euro 5 EPA Engine
The mini Track Skid Steer Loader provides a safe and efficient operation environment with its compact size, lightweight design, small turning radius, and versatility. It has also obtained CE and EPA certifications.
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Wheeled Mini Skid Steer 1050KG With Optional Attachments
The mini skid steer loader is the perfect solution for tight spaces and small jobs. With a compact design and impressive power, this machine can easily maneuver through narrow paths and tight spots while completing a variety of tasks. Its versatile attachment system helps to tackle any job with ease, making it an ideal choice for landscapers, farmers, and contractors alike. Get the job done quickly and efficiently with LTMG skid steer loader.
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Skid steer loader is a multifunctional engineering machinery and equipment, which is mainly used for excavation, loading, handling and land levelling operations. It is usually mobile and flexible, easy to operate, efficient and quick, and is suitable for various construction sites and operating environments.
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Mini Skid Steer With Auger Attachment
Mini Skid Steer Loader - a compact and versatile machine designed for a variety of applications. Equipped with an original imported gasoline engine, this mini loader delivers reliable performance and power. The high-strength chain drive ensures efficient transmission of power to the wheels, enabling smooth operation and enhanced maneuverability.
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Customized Skid Steer With Trencher Attachment
Is it difficult to create a ditch? Come take a look at our skid steer loaders with trencher attachments. LTMG wheel skid loader is equipped with imported hydraulic pumps, motors, valves, and tires from the top three brands in China. Strong power, increased flow, and different attachments can improve the working efficiency of the machine in various working environments.
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Wheeled Mini Skid Steer Fitted With 4 In 1 Bucket
Need a compact construction machine? The wheeled mini skid steer loader with 4-in-1 bucket that is on hot sale! Meet you!Standing small wheeled skid steer loader with a compact body for working in small areas.For example, building a small garden and digging a small pool for domestic use.According to your needs, we can make exclusive customization for you.
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Tracked Skid Steer With Trencher For Earthmoving Projects
The Tracked Skid Steer featuring a robust trencher attachment is perfect for navigating confined spaces. The skid loader not only excels in lifting, digging, leveling, and clearing but also boasts enhanced versatility with multifunctional attachment. Seamlessly tackle trenching tasks with precision, making quick work of any project while maximizing productivity and minimizing manual effort.
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Electric Mini Skid Steer Loader
Are you interested in a small eco-friendly loader? Discover the efficiency and versatility of LTMG new electric mini skid steer loader. Compact yet powerful, it offers a choice between lead-acid or lithium batteries, and rubber tracks for smooth operation, it's a reliable and efficient tool for any job.

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