• the U.S.A - Mini Skid Steer Loader
    the U.S.A - Mini Skid Steer Loader
    When you think of a loader, what comes to mind? A massive machine? A noisy construction site? Wellington, a customer of LTMG, has redefined our perceptions of loaders. Wellington's story replaces the image of a loud and massive machine with that of a loving father's warmth. Wellington is the owner o...
  • Guatemala - 5 Ton Loader
    Guatemala - 5 Ton Loader
    In October 2021, the government of Guatemala issued a tender notice for the purchase of 10 loaders. MUA, a prominent local machinery dealer, immediately thought of LTMG's products. Having previously cooperated with LTMG on logistics machinery products, and serving as the sole agent of LTMG in Guatem...
  • Canada - 2 Ton Crawler Excavator
    Canada - 2 Ton Crawler Excavator
    James contacted LTMG with a request to purchase a mini excavator to level his garden, sparking the beginning of LTMG's journey to help James enhance his retirement life through the use of a mini excavator. James, a retired truck driver from Canada, decided to pursue his lifelong passion of gardening...
  • Philippines - Wheel Excavator
    Philippines - Wheel Excavator
    Ramon, an excavator dealer from the Philippines, has been supplying high-quality excavators to construction companies and contractors in the Philippines for some time. With the increasing demand for construction equipment, Ramon has been actively participating in various international exhibitions. I...
  •  Material Handling & Industry
     Material Handling & Industry
           LTMG mchinery are a crucial piece of equipment in the material handling industry. LTMG machinery are used to move and transport heavy materials such as gravel, sand, and debris etc.     Efficient Material Handling     LTMG loaders play a significant...
  •  Quarry & Mining
     Quarry & Mining
          The LTMG loader is a highly efficient machine that is capable of carrying a large load of material over a significant distance. It is  also designed to work in tough conditions, such as underground mines or harsh outdoor environments.        ...
  • China - 21 Ton Crawler Excavator
    China - 21 Ton Crawler Excavator
    Wanzhou Construction Company is an engineering contractor situated in Qinghai Province, China. Recently, they had undertaken a real estate development project in Haidong City, Qinghai Province which required two medium to large excavators. Given the harsh working conditions in the western plateau ar...
  • Romania - 33 ton excavator
    Romania - 33 ton excavator
    In January 2023, LTMG was contacted by Alvin, a customer in Romania. As the head of a local project team, Alvin was in urgent need of a large excavator for reclaiming the wasteland to improve construction efficiency. After an in-depth conversation, we customized a professional solution for Alvin. Af...
  • LTMG Machinery's 5-ton wheel loader Makes Major Contribution to Guatemala Landslide Rescue Operations in April 2023
    LTMG Machinery's 5-ton wheel loader Makes Major Contribution to Guatemala Landslide Rescue Operations in April 2023
    In April 2023, the 5-ton wheel loader LT958 from LTMG Machinery Company became the right-hand man for the local rescue team during a massive landslide in Guatemala. The efficient and robust performance of the wheel loader plays an important role in saving lives and reducing the burden of r...
  • Construction
      In the construction industry, where challenges are diverse and dynamic, practical solutions are paramount. Our commitment to customization, reliability, environmental sustainability, and user-friendly operation positions us as a reliable partner in your construction endeavors....
  • Demolition
    In the ever-evolving field of demolition, LTMG stands as a steadfast ally, delivering solutions that prioritize precision, safety, and environmental responsibility. Our commitment to engineering excellence is reflected in every piece of machine we produce. With LTMG, you can trust that your demoliti...
  • Forestry
    At LTMG, we understand the unique challenges faced by the forestry industry. Going beyond being just a supplier of machinery, we strive to be your partner in driving the future of sustainable and efficient forestry operations. This commitment is evident in our superior lineup of machines, all aimed...

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