1 Ton Articulated Compact Wheel Loader With Isuzu Bridge
1 Ton Articulated Compact Wheel Loader With Isuzu Bridge
1 Ton Articulated Compact Wheel Loader With Isuzu Bridge
1 Ton Articulated Compact Wheel Loader With Isuzu Bridge

1 Ton Articulated Compact Wheel Loader With Isuzu Bridge

The 1 Ton Wheel Loader LT910 with powerful engine and srong performances, features with double sealed hydraulic pipeline joints, air over hydraulic brake system. Availalbe in optional configurations like ROPS cabinand, MP3 & Audio system, rear view camera, etc. It is highly maneuverable, making it an ideal choice for many construction projects.


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Wheel loader supplier in China

1 Ton Wheel Loader LT910 Main Features

  1. 1. The use of hydrodynamic transmission technology provides improved reliability and easier maintenance through the integration of a separate gearbox and torque converter.
  2. 2. The hydraulic power shift gearbox, with two forward and two reverse gears, is operated by a flexible shaft for easy operation.
  3. 3. The single pump, split flow working hydraulic system offers lower consumption and enhanced performance.
  4. 4. Double sealed hydraulic pipeline joints with 24°awl and O rings of international standard ensure no oil leakage.
  5. 5. The load sensing fully hydraulic steering system allows for effortless maneuvering.
  6. 6. Air over hydraulic brake system; Caliper disc brakes provide reliable braking power.
  7. 7. The working device is equipped with an automatic leveling ability at high positions for convenience.
  8. 8. Bucket articulated points are sealed, lubricated, and dust-proofed to guarantee long-term durability.


Optional Configurations

The wheel loader s can be equipped with a plethora of optional configurations to elevate your operations. For example, Enjoy the convenience of an air-conditioner for a comfortable working environment, an automatic lubrication system ensuring smooth performance, a user-friendly control panel for effortless operation, and a joystick for precise maneuverability. Elevate productivity and efficiency with our versatile and customizable wheel loader.


    wheel loader air conditioner    wheel loader Automatic lubrication system   1 ton wheel loader control panel   wheel loader joystick   wheel loader MP3  Audio system

          air-conditioner      Automatic lubrication system       control panel                       joystick                      MP3 & Audio system

 1 ton wheel loader quick hitch    wheel loader rear view camera   wheel loader ROPS cabin  wheel loader Suspension seat  wheel loader wet brake axle

      quick hitch                 rear view camera                ROPS cabin               Suspension seat            wet brake axle

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1 Ton Wheel Loader LT910 Technical parameters

Model LT910
Operating weight 3300 kg
Rated load 1000 kg
Bucket capacity 0.8 m³
 Engine Model yunnei / xinchai/Kubota/Cummins
 Rated power 37 KW (50.32HP)
 Overall dimension (LxWxH) 5600*1810*2750mm
 Max Dumping height 3200 mm
 Max Dumping reach 900 mm
 Gear shift 2 forward 2 reverse
 Max. speed 25 km/h
 Tire size 20.5-16
Operating type Mechanical single joystick
Optional configuration Air conditioner rearview camera etc.
Optional attachment Quick hitch fork log grapple etc.

With technological innovation, our product configuration and parameters will continue to change without notice; 

if there is any doubt, the specific confirmation of our international trade sales shall prevail;



wheel loader certificates



Q: How Can I Trust Your Company?

A: With 20 years of experience, we can offer you the right advice and the most economical price. All equipment is CE, ISO certified through third party evaluation.


Q: What is the global reach of LTMG's products?

A:Currently, LTMG products have been exported to more than 180 countries and have more than 50 agents, forming a perfect sales and after-sales service network around the world.


Q: I was just wondering what modes of payment you accept and how long it'll take to receive my order?

A: We have T/T, L/C, and D/P payment modes and expect the goods to be delivered within 20-30 days post deposit.


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Heavy Duty Front End Loader With CE Certificates
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The 0.8tons small lithium electric mini loader is a light-duty loading machine that uses electricity as its power source. It is mainly used for material handling, loading and unloading operations in small spaces, and is especially suitable for agriculture, landscaping, urban street maintenance, small construction sites and other environments.
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Small Payloader Wheel Loader Machine Factory Supply
LTMG 3tons construction wheel loader with an enhanced and reinforced chassis, this loader ensures unparalleled stability even in demanding conditions. Boasting a remarkable unloading height of 3.8 meters, it enables efficient and hassle-free dumping of materials. Equipped with a reliable caliper disc brake system, it offers enhanced safety and control. Experience the power, precision, and reliability of our 3-ton loader, designed to exceed your expectations.
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LTMG 3-ton construction wheel loader, designed to meet the demands of modern construction sites. Equipped with both Euro V and EPA engines, it ensures compliance with international emission standards. The advanced pilot control system enhances operational efficiency, while the built-in air conditioning and heating system provide year-round comfort. With its spacious cabin, operators can enjoy a larger workspace, enabling them to work comfortably. Experience the power, efficiency, and comfort brought by our 3-ton loader, tailored for the ultimate user experience.
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Construction 5 Ton Wheel Loader With 3m3 Bucket
The new 5-ton wheel loader leads the development trend of the loader industry. It has excellent features to efficiently complete a variety of loading tasks. Powerful loading capacity, easy operation, adapt to various working conditions and road conditions. Our customers are full of praise for its performance and believe that its operation is stable and efficient, which greatly improves work efficiency.
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Compact Front Loader With Wheel Loader Quick Coupler
It is an efficient and reliable 2 ton Compact Front Loader that provides you with superior performance and a convenient operating experience. Whether it is construction on site, logistics storage or agricultural applications, it is capable and easy to operate in small Spaces. The advanced hydrostatic configuration ensures smooth operation and precise control of the loader.

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