Heavy duty 15ton Hydraulic Wheel Excavator
Heavy duty 15ton Hydraulic Wheel Excavator
Heavy duty 15ton Hydraulic Wheel Excavator
Heavy duty 15ton Hydraulic Wheel Excavator

Heavy duty 15ton Hydraulic Wheel Excavator

The 15 ton hydraulic wheel excavator is used for earthwork excavation, loading, leveling, slope trimming, lifting, crushing, demolition, and ditch excavation. In addition, it can work in mining or harsh working conditions. It has the following characteristics: low production cost, low investment, and strong outdoor operation function.

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15t wheel excavator

15 ton Wheel Excavator Features

1. Adopting advanced constant power variable plunger pump.

2. Adopting wet multi disc brakes with buffering control, smooth operation, and braking functions

3.Pure imported components from South Korea are used, and the working curve of the valve stem matches the hydraulic valve.

4.Engineering cylinder, American Parker sealing ring, equipped with buffer device.

5. Use 16MN steel plate and quench and temper each bushing.

15 Ton Wheel Excavator  Technical Parameters

Performance Parameters Unit LWE150 
Operating Weight Kg 15000
Engine Model   YUCHAI YC4D115 
Rated Power Kw 85KW/2200RPM
Bucket Capacity 0.6
Max Digging Force Kn 91
Swing Speed rpm 0-12
Traveling Speed km/h 0-28
Gradeability ° 25
                        Operating Range
Max. Digging Radius mm 8000
Max. Digging Depth mm 4750
Max. Digging Height mm 8930
Max. Dumping Height mm 6520
Tail Swing Radius mm 2420
Max. Blade Dozer Cutting Distance mm 100
Max. Blade Dozer Lifting Distance mm 400
                        Overall Dimensions
Overall Length mm 7520
Overall Width mm 2570
Overall Height mm 3425
Mini.Ground Clearance mm 350
Undercarriage width  mm 2570

With technological innovation, our product configuration and parameters will continue to change without notice; 

if there is any doubt, the specific confirmation of our international trade sales shall prevail.

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LWE70 Excavator - a versatile and powerful for all your digging needs. With optional, it boasts enhanced load-bearing capacity, ensuring stability and efficiency on any terrain. Powered by a top-tier Chinese engine, this excavator guarantees reliable performance and optimal fuel efficiency. Whether navigating urban roads or rugged landscapes, the LWE70 offers flexibility with a choice of solid or pneumatic tires to suit various road conditions. With a digging force of 45Kn, this excavator is built to handle tough excavation tasks with ease. Invest in the LWE70 and experience superior performance and unmatched versatility.
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21-ton wheel excavator! This versatile machine is designed to excel in a wide range of applications. With a customizable extended arm, it can meet your specific needs, whether you're working on construction sites, landscaping projects, or utility installations. The excavator comes equipped with a variety of attachments, allowing you to tackle different tasks with ease. Powered by a high-performance imported engine, it delivers exceptional power and efficiency, ensuring maximum productivity. Additionally, it features internationally renowned pump and valve components, guaranteeing reliable operation and longevity. Invest in our 21-ton wheel excavator for unmatched performance and versatility in your projects.

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