Wheel loaders are heavy-duty machines used for loading and unloading materials in construction, mining, and other industrial applications. They feature a large bucket mounted on the front of a two-axle tractor unit, allowing them to move large amounts of material quickly and efficiently. Common application scenarios include loading and unloading trucks, stockpiling materials, digging trenches, and clearing debris.
LTMG Backhoe has versatility and high performance. From construction sites to landscaping projects, this machine will become your go-to solution for all excavation and loading tasks.
LTMG range of skid steer loaders makes tackling diverse tasks a breeze. With a wide selection of optional attachments such as Sweeper,Snow Blower,4 in 1Bucket,Augers,Trencher,Breaker,Grapple ,these machines can effortlessly handle various working conditions.
Loader is a heavy equipment machine commonly used in construction and mining industries. It is designed to scoop, lift, Loaders are versatile machines that come in different sizes and configurations to suit various applications, from small-scale projects to large industrial operations. They are a vital tool in the construction industry, providing efficient and effective material handling solutions.LTMG's loader products include wheel loaders and their variants, such as backhoe loaders, skid steer loaders, forklift loader,log loader,etc.    
  • Forklift Loader Forklift Loader
  • Log Loader Log Loader
  • Telescopic Loader Telescopic Loader
  • Electric Loader Electric Loader
    Featuring zero emissions and quiet operation, electric loaders provide sustainable solutions for indoor and outdoor applications from construction to landscaping. LTMG electric  loaders range from compact to  large, adapting to different operating needs
Excavator is heavy-duty construction machines designed for digging, demolition, and material handling tasks.Excavators come in various sizes and configurations, making them a versatile tool for a wide range of construction projects, from small landscaping jobs to large-scale building projects. LTMG excavator including mini excavator,small excavator,medium excavator,large excavator,wheel excavator etc.
  • Mini Excavator Mini Excavator
    LTMG offers a wide selection of mini excavators equipped with powerful engines that meet EPA or Euro V emission standards. And comes with automatic controls,and improved booms, sticks, and buckets, which can be used for a range of tasks, including excavation, digging foundations, and landscaping in navigating small spaces. Browse the below range and choose from a variety of models that are efficient, powerful, and versatile to meet your job site needs.
  • Small Excavator Small Excavator
  • Medium Excavator Medium Excavator
  • Large Excavator Large Excavator
  • Electric Excavator Electric Excavator
  • Wheel Excavator Wheel Excavator
    LTMG offers an extensive selection of Wheel Excavators featuring precise control, ample digging power, and durable construction. Our excavators feature advanced technology for superior performance across a range of applications, from construction and mining to landscaping and agriculture. 
LTMG compactors are meticulously designed to cater to a wide range of compaction operations, covering small to larger tonnage and various types. These compactors are specifically engineered to ensure precise compaction in both soil and paving applications
  • Vibratory Compactor Vibratory Compactor
  • Static Roller Static Roller
  • Walk Behind Compactor Walk Behind Compactor
    Walk-behind rollers is perfect compactors for narrow work areas that need preparation, such as pavement, shoulders and sidewalks. Walk-behind rollers combine the ease of use and sleek design of a plate compactor and the finishing work of a larger double drum roller in compact packages. 
  • Plate  Compactor Plate Compactor
    LTMG powerful plate compactor, designed to efficiently compact soil, gravel, asphalt, and more. With smooth-operating features and compact design, this versatile tool is perfect for landscaping, paving, and construction projects. Its advantages include adjustable throttle control, easy-to-use handlebar design, and durable construction to handle heavy-duty tasks, making it ideal for compacting large areas quickly and effectively.
Bulldozers are essential equipment for any heavy construction project.LTMG bulldozers are equipped with powerful engines and core components from world-renowned brands. LTMG offer a wide range of models, including small to large bulldozers and wheel bulldozers.
 LTMG motor grader ensures optimal performance, efficiency, longevity, and comfort for operators. With a comprehensive range of technologies designed to ease operator workload and improve grading output, this machine delivers unparalleled productivity and reliable service.
Portable Light towers are temporary massive light source to illuminate the overnight or enclosed working site. At LTMG, we offer various energy-efficient lighting portable light towers options available in 7m, 9m to brilliantly light up the visibility and productivity of your roadworks and construction sites at night.
Concrete machinery equipment has become an indispensable tool in the construction industry due to its numerous benefits.  Concrete machinery equipment has greatly enhanced the efficiency of construction work. It is highly durable and reliable, guaranteeing quality construction, and reducing the occurrence of structural defects.  It also minimizes the number of workers and time needed for construction. Concrete machinery equipment is an essential part of any construction project and guarantees quality, efficiency, and durability.
Hot Products
wheel skid steer loader
700kg Wheel Skid Steer Loader With Imported Parts
The skid steer loader is a wheeled special chassis equipment that uses the difference in linear speed of the wheels on both sides to achieve vehicle steering. It is mainly used in situations where the work site is small, the ground is undulating and the work content changes frequently.
loader backhoe 4x4
2.5 Ton Backhoe Loader With A leg Equipped With Reversing Camera
2.5 Ton Backhoe Loader With A leg equipped with Eaton steering gear and priority valve, reversing camera, rear digging hammer line, A-legged as standard
small excavator factory
6.5 ton Crawler Excavator With Japanese Kubota Engine
6.5ton crawler excavator 1. equipped with Kubota V2607 42.4KW, lower fuel consumption, noise 2. Increase the heat sink optimization, heat dissipation efficiency is higher, better effect
compact wheel loader factory
1 Ton Articulated Compact Wheel Loader With Isuzu Bridge
 1 Ton Wheel Loader LT910 with powerful engine and srong performances, and is highly maneuverable, making it an ideal choice for many construction projects.
1.2 ton mini excavator
1.2 ton hydraulic excavator for Home Garden
1.2 tonne small crawler excavator with mining, broken, clear hooks, drilling, earth multi-function, can quickly replace the accessories, machine utilization greatly improved. Simple small and flexible, easy to transport, can work in small venues, especially for orchards such as kiwifruit, vineyards, oranges, navel orange value, trenching, fertilization, weeding.
1.5t crawler excavator
1.5 ton Mini Crawler Excavator for Garden
1.5 tonne hot sale farm bucket shovel function mini small crawler excavator .Simple small and flexible, easy to transport, can work in small venues, especially for orchards such as kiwifruit, vineyards, oranges, navel orange value, trenching, fertilization, weeding.
mini crawler
Energy Efficient 2 Ton Micro Crawler Excavator
2 tonne micro digger machine, the standard configuration bulldozer can be flat site, earth backfill, increase machine stability. Auger, grab, hydraulic hammer, narrow bucket can be installed on this excavator, efficient and wide-range use.
15t wheel excavator
Heavy duty 15ton Hydraulic Wheel Excavator
The 15 ton hydraulic wheel excavator is used for earthwork excavation, loading, leveling, slope trimming, lifting, crushing, demolition, and ditch excavation. In addition, it can work in mining or harsh working conditions. It has the following characteristics: low production cost, low investment, and strong outdoor operation function.
small excavator supplier
Mini 3 Ton Crawler Excavator With Optional Attachment
3 Ton  Crawler Excavator can be equipped with tools such as an auger, grab, hydraulic hammer, and narrow bucket, allowing for versatile and effective usage across a wide range of tasks. It is particularly suited for use in limited spaces, such as orchards for crops like kiwifruit, vineyards, oranges, and navel oranges. Additionally, it can perform various tasks like trenching, fertilizing, and weeding. 
Excavator On Wheels
18 Ton Digging Machine Hydraulic Wheel Excavator Factory Directly Supply
The 18t wheeled excavator is an all terrain, multi-purpose spider excavator that is fully suitable for plateau and plain areas. It adopts a wheeled driving/walking chassis, consisting of wheeled driving. It can go to places that other mechanical equipment cannot go to, such as mountain valleys, swamps, plateaus, and cold regions. Engineering operations such as excavation, lifting, crushing, drilling, and pile planting can be carried out.
crawler excavator with enclosed cabin
Hydraulic Digger 4000kg Excavator with Kubota Engine
4 tonne hydraulic digger the retractable undercarriage lets you access and work in the tightest areas. Significantly improve the reliability, comfort and safety of the whole machine.
medium excavator
23 ton Excavator Hydraulic Digger for Any Task
This 23-ton excavator is equipped with 1.1 cbm bucket and 124KW Cummins QSB7 engine that comply with the EPA emission regulations, providing strong power. Double pump combined flow technology increases the flow of the main valve to each cylinder of the moving arm, bucket rod and bucket to improve the operating speed.

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