the U.S.A - Mini Skid Steer Loader Apr 16, 2023

When you think of a loader, what comes to mind? A massive machine? A noisy construction site? Wellington, a customer of LTMG, has redefined our perceptions of loaders. Wellington's story replaces the image of a loud and massive machine with that of a loving father's warmth.

Wellington is the owner of a self-owned loader brand in the United States. He has a daughter named Sophia, who has shown an interest in loaders since she was a child. Sophia often played with toy cars and chairs, pretending to drive a loader for construction. Despite the mess she made at home, Wellington was never angry. As Sophia grew older, Wellington decided to get her a real loader. However, a standard wheel loader would not be appropriate for his five-year-old daughter, so he thought of getting her a mini skid steer loader.

 mini skid steer loader client

Although Wellington owned a loader brand, he had no experience in producing or selling mini skid steer loaders. He contacted LTMG and expressed his desire for OEM and customized services. He had many professional requirements for the product's details and safety performance, stating that safety was the most important thing. "I hope Sophia is happy, but the product must have reliable quality," he said.

 customationed  mini skid steer loader


LTMG understood Wellington's request, which was rooted in a father's deep love for his daughter. With professional service and reliable product quality, LTMG won Wellington's trust, and he ordered a mini skid steer loader from LTMG in Sophia's favorite color - pink.

On January 6, 2023, the pink mini skid steer loader departed from Qingdao Port, China, and crossed the Pacific Ocean to the United States. The container held not only a pink mini skid steer loader but also a heavy dose of fatherly love!

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