Guatemala - 5 Ton Loader Apr 16, 2023

In October 2021, the government of Guatemala issued a tender notice for the purchase of 10 loaders. MUA, a prominent local machinery dealer, immediately thought of LTMG's products. Having previously cooperated with LTMG on logistics machinery products, and serving as the sole agent of LTMG in Guatemala, MUA contacted LTMG to express their desire to cooperate again for the bidding process. As a partner with a history of collaboration, LTMG provided MUA with a bidding plan with cooperation and support. As a government bidding project, the requirements for all aspects of the product were stringent, but Rowan Wilson, the procurement manager of MUA, was full of confidence in LTMG's products and submitted the bidding plan. After nearly a month of waiting, LTMG's products successfully won the bid. Rowan Wilson immediately shared the news with LTMG and said: "I am confident in LTMG's products. LTMG has a good reputation in Guatemala. I believe that our success in the bid is not only based on the quality of the products, but also on the power of the brand. And as LTMG's agent in Guatemala, we can provide after-sales service. Why not choose us?"

ltmg 5 ton wheel loader in guatemala public exhibition

 5 ton wheel loader

Two months later, LTMG delivered 10 loaders to the Guatemalan government as scheduled, and the machines appeared in a public display ceremony hosted by the Guatemala government.


5 ton wheel loader


"Look! Our president tweeted about our loader!" Rowan Wilson excitedly shared with LTMG's business manager. At this moment, it seems that LTMG provided not only a product but also a sense of accomplishment and joy!

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