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Partner With LTMG Machine Group For Mutual Success Jun 13, 2024

From April 26th to 29th, 2024, LTMG Machine Group welcomed customer representatives from Cameroon, Mexico and Canada, and carried out 4-day cooperation and exchange activities.


LTMG Machine Group is dedicated to delivering high-quality construction machinery and logistics handling equipment globally. With advanced production technology and a skilled workforce, we excel in meeting customers' needs for highly customized mechanical products.


From April 26th to 27th, we hosted our Cameroonian customers at the LTMG Machine Group production workshop and R&D center. They emphasized that the production line is the heart of the manufacturing industry and crucial for producing high-quality mechanical products and ensuring long-term growth. They were impressed by our advanced production workshops and meticulously controlled production lines. This visit increased their confidence in the quality of our products, earning us high praise. Our commitment to maintaining strict and orderly production processes reassured them of our capability to deliver superior mechanical products consistently.


visit the loader production lineLead customers to visit the loader production line


On April 28th, we guided our Mexican customers to the excavator display area. They expressed significant interest in the excavator's key components. Our technicians provided a thorough introduction to the design concepts and manufacturing processes of the engine, hydraulic system, and chassis. They also disassembled some hydraulic components to explain the working mechanisms of hydraulic pumps, cylinders, and valves in detail. The demonstration highlighted how precision machining and strict assembly ensure the hydraulic system's efficient operation, thus guaranteeing the excavator's high performance and durability.


LTMG hydraulic excavators

The technician explains the hydraulic device of the excavator to the customer


On April 29th, Canadian customers visited LTMG Machine Group to closely examine the structural components of the excavator. After operating the small excavator, Mr. William commented on its simple structure, light steering, good stability, strong power transmission, fuel efficiency, and comfortable cab. Following a series of product demonstrations and discussions, Mr. William, a longtime partner of LTMG, expressed increased confidence in the market potential and product strength of LTMG Machine Group internationally. Both parties expressed their desire to further solidify their long-term, stable partnership.


operating hot sale mini excavator

 Mr. William is operating the hot-selling mini excavator product


The visits from Canadian, Cameroonian, and Mexican customers facilitated a fruitful exchange of product technology with partners from various countries, enhancing LTMG Machine Group's global collaboration. By grasping customers' market demands and mechanical product challenges, we offered tailored solutions and services. This interaction also propelled our innovation in mechanical product technology and international market strategy, positioning us as a leader in the field.


customers visit LTMG production base


LTMG Machine Group said that will further increase investment in the research and development of construction machinery and logistics handling equipment in the future, to build and improve the global market layout, carry the confidence and expectations of new and old customers, and create a Win-Win business model for global partners with a more famous brand and higher-quality mechanical products and services.


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