China - 21 Ton Crawler Excavator Apr 17, 2023

Wanzhou Construction Company is an engineering contractor situated in Qinghai Province, China. Recently, they had undertaken a real estate development project in Haidong City, Qinghai Province which required two medium to large excavators. Given the harsh working conditions in the western plateau area, and the high performance requirements of the excavators, Wanzhou Construction Company contacted LTMG for their assistance. After carefully evaluating LTMG's products, Wanzhou Construction Company made the decision to order two 21-ton crawler excavators.
Upon arrival at the site, the two excavators were immediately put to use in intensive construction activities. The project manager stated that due to the remote location of the site, with a sparse population and a large service radius, quick and efficient service was paramount in case of any issues with the equipment. The LTMG service personnel were readily available and promptly resolved any problems.

LTMG 21 Ton Crawler Excavator

The partnership between LTMG and Wanzhou Construction Company proceeded seamlessly. The project manager mentioned that although they had considered other globally recognized brands, they ultimately chose LTMG due to its reputation in China and the country's world-class manufacturing standards. Wanzhou Construction Company had faith in LTMG's capabilities and was convinced that they would deliver high-quality products. LTMG was touched by this feedback and realized that its long-standing dedication to the mechanical field was of great significance.


LTMG 21  ton crawler loader

In conclusion, LTMG's successful partnership with Wanzhou Construction Company is a testament to the company's unwavering commitment to delivering top-quality products and services.

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