Canada - 2 Ton Crawler Excavator Apr 16, 2023

James contacted LTMG with a request to purchase a mini excavator to level his garden, sparking the beginning of LTMG's journey to help James enhance his retirement life through the use of a mini excavator. James, a retired truck driver from Canada, decided to pursue his lifelong passion of gardening during his retirement. However, he quickly realized that leveling his garden would require a lot of work, with weeds and overgrown vegetation to clear and soil and rocks to turn. Therefore, James made the decision to invest in a mini excavator, and upon the recommendation of his friends, he learned about LTMG. After conducting a thorough evaluation of LTMG's product offerings, James decided to purchase a 2-ton excavator - the LTE20.

 LTMG mini crawler excavator  Canada clients feedback


After a journey of more than a month, the LTE20 finally arrived in Canada. James was thrilled to receive his new equipment and quickly adjusted to operating it. Within days, James had cleared all the weeds and overgrown plants in his garden and used the excavator to till the soil and mix fertilizer, creating his own garden paradise.


James use 2 ton crawler excavator in garden


As James continued to work in his garden with the LTE20, he grew to love the machine, spending hours each day perfecting his garden. He expressed his joy with the product, stating: "I am very happy that LTMG has such a great product that is perfect for my garden. In the future, I want to keep myself busy doing what I love, and I hope my retirement life will become even more meaningful!"

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