• Breaking Pioneer——Large Tonnage Excavator
    Breaking Pioneer——Large Tonnage Excavator Mar 13, 2023
    Large-tonnage excavators are heavy-duty construction equipment used for excavation, demolition, mining, and other earth moving tasks. They are designed to handle tough and challenging jobs that require high productivity, efficiency, and reliability.   what about large-tonnage excavator features? Large-tonnage excavators are equipped with powerful engines that generate high horsepower to provide efficient and fast digging. They have a robust structure that can withstand harsh operating conditions, including extreme temperatures, dust, and debris. They have an advanced hydraulic system that enables the excavator to lift heavy loads with ease and accuracy. These excavators are equipped with advanced control systems that allow the operator to control the machine's movement precisely. They are often equipped with safety features such as cameras, alarms, and sensors to ensure the safety of the operator and other workers on the job site.   what about large-tonnage excavator application scenarios? Large-tonnage excavators are commonly used in mining operations, where they are used to extract minerals and ores from the ground. They are also used in construction projects, including building roads, bridges, and tunnels. These excavators are commonly used in demolition projects to tear down buildings and structures. They are used in forestry operations to clear land for building, agriculture, or mining.     As a construction machinery manufacturer with more than 20 years of experience, what are the advantages of LTMG's large-tonnage excavator? Read on to learn more about the LTMG 60-ton excavator The LTMG 60-ton excavator is equipped with a Cummins QSM11 engine imported from the United States, with customized configuration, strong power, sufficient torque reserve and smooth output, low fuel consumption, quick response, and convenient after-sales service. The hydraulic main pump adopts the imported Rexroth A8VO225 positive displacement electric control main pump, with a larger displacement, faster response speed, and more significant energy-saving effect. The main valve adopts the RCS35 electric control main valve, with more precise control and faster response. In general, the LTMG 60 ton excavator adapts to various complex and harsh working conditions with its powerful power and superior performance    

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